Anybody out there?

3 years later.

Why did I leave? Why did I leave this blog to die? I never truly knew why, until now. 2015 was the year of where everything went downhill. I didn’t know where I was in my life. Whether I was happy or sad or even satisfied with the way i’m living my life. What I wanted to pursue in life was truly unknown & I just felt…lost.

During the last 3 years, I’ve changed in many ways. I became 10 years older, 10 years wiser. When you ride on a roller coaster that’s just been going down and falling and falling and falling for a long time you decide flying off of it is much better than staying on. & I don’t mean giving up, I mean soaring up high and discovering the blue skies & raising your hopes high for life as it is beautiful and there is so much yet to discover.

Today, I promise you I’m happy and I’m back to what I love doing, which is writing. I love blogging whatever I write whether it’s sad, sounds angry, full of happiness, all about love, everything I write is not based on an event that happened in my life, its just words that come together in my mind and all i have to do is type it down. It’s not meant towards anyone or anything. It’s just my pure passion for writing.

Dear anyone who’s following my blog, I hope you anticipate my upcoming posts and support my blog as much as you can. Thank you for being on my page.

Star shine out.



I hate that i always give you my all. I hate that i pay attention to you. I hate that everything reminds me of you. I hate that i have the urge to tell you what happened.

But i dont hate you.

I dont and will never do because i love you. Its hard because you’re not always there and its hard because we barely have time to talk and its always me whose trying. Sometimes i wonder who you really are and if you are still the one i fell in love with years ago. Some days you seem like that person i loved and some days you are a stranger. Did you give up? Did we both? Is our love dying? Was it even meant to be?


Question of the day: What makes you feel good?


So this is my response:
Many things make me feel good. I like feelings that make my heart flutter, feel butterflies in my stomach and adrenaline. Books make me feel good. It’s like dreaming with my eyes open. I just dive into another world and imagine their world and how it would feel like to be a character in that book. Just the feeling of reading and discovering fascinates me. I love being able to be fascinated by these things. Music. It determines my emotions for the day and if i want to flip a bad day to a good day i just start listening to songs. You may have discovered by now that i really enjoy being taken to another world which sums up why i love traveling! I never get annoyed in the airport or in the plane. I’d love to stay in a plane for a long time because i love the fact that im so many kms away from where i once stood. Its simply amazing. Many other things make me feel good! Like staying with my friends, going out, trying out things for the first time, having a completely different experience and doing daring and adventurous activities. Our world is beautiful and there are so many things to be thankful for and just the thought of that makes me feel good. Have a lovely day and remember: you’re all beautiful.
Smile x

Star shine out


Im Right Here

I dreamt of a boy…

He was sitting at the far corner of a room i couldnt recognize. He had his arms folded on the armrest and his head lay on his arms staring at mere nothingness…
I approached him and saw sadness in his eyes. He saw me and his lips started to tremble… I told him i would protect him and he jumped right into my arms and cried….
‘Thank you’ he whispered…’thank you’. He held me tightly and i did too. He then looked into my eyes and smiled. ‘Where are you?’ He asked. I woke up before i could answer him.

When i woke up i felt tear stains on my face. Yes, i cried during my sleep. I dont know why but i was determined to find this boy. I feel like i have to protect someone. I felt the need to answer him.

Its been a week now and im still thinking about the boy in my dream. I cannot remember his face vividly but i know that i have never met him.

Where are you?

Im right here. Waiting.


No im not depressed, just trying to be a descriptive writer 🙈


So ive been writing a lot, and mostly negative things because i dont know how to express joy! Its sooo hard! So here’s a little thing:

I am mad at everyone.
But, im furious with myself.
For believing easily, for expecting too much, But especially for trusting. Deep inside, i knew it would take a miracle for that dream to happen yet i still kept my hopes up till the sky. I should have known that what goes up must come down. Now im left with nothing and shattered. Even my strong positive self was cracked but can simply be fixed but i cant find anything that can put me, myself and i together. I think i’ve been cursed, cursed for eternity. Im lost and i cant find myself anymore. Im weak and tired and i think im close to giving up, and i hate myself for that.

Thank you for reading!
Star shine out


Some people are just not worth it.


We all have our own obstacles to face. Those are challenging, and some can just be walked over with no pain. But people can’t be walked over, but we try! Some people are just not worth it! you try your best to please them and stay on good terms with them but its just too much effort and its driving you insane and too much unneeded stress! Just let go of them. Why should you be miserable and try to make them happy when you’re getting exhausted by doing so? But if its your parents, that is another story. You feel happy making them pleased but other than family, friends play an important role in our lives. They actually do, no matter what you try to say to convince your brain otherwise thats all untrue! its hard to find an honest friend these days and ESPECIALLY a friend that would understand what you are dealing with and why you acted the way you did with him/her on that specific day and because of whatever reason, they still understand. 

^ Applications for a friend like that can be send through my kik! Thank you! — Haha, Kidding! 

Let go of your burdens and live freely!

I feel like my blog is all about different kinds of annoying people and how to deal with them and how to live happy hahaha

Anyway, i truly hope for your happiness in life~


Star shine out



Adults? Not so much.


They say once you graduate you step into the world of adulthood. You mature and become a role model to those younger than you. From my experience, most of who i witnessed graduating where taking their first step into their old young childish steps and causing problems for all those they love. I was always told by them to be wise and mature because I’m supposed to be an adult soon (in 2 years) and always stay positive and i thankfully am, but they surprised me when they turned negative and pushed everyone away. I can say that i have changed into a better person. I am trying to invite the bad people out of my life and become better without their help. I do not really care about gossip or about how people think of me but the so called “adults” care too much about these things. it just frustrates me so much!

I have this notebook called “In my humble opinion”. Basically, there is a quote on the left side of each page and on the right side there is a space for you to write your opinion on that quote. These quotes are about annoying people who live in our world and as many of my family members know, i complain about annoying people too much and i started to complain less after i started using this journal. it actually really helps! and lucky me i have both this journal and my blog to complain /wide smile/

Advice? Just worry about yourself and don’t be selfish and never assume the worst in any situation.