Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?


Last summer, i started this blog because i wanted to create my own bubble that i could dive in to whenever i needed to get away from my world. I had to discuss things. writing them out was the only way i could let go of something and move on. Every post has been inspired by something or whenever i felt like i needed to connect with other people around the world other than the people i know. This blog, was my side getaway. Over time, i started forgetting about it and the comfort i receive from it. I popped my bubble and never thought of blowing another one again. But for some reason, i came back. After a time without a getaway, i needed one.

So,  i decided to reopen the closed doors to my secret garden and take a stroll every once in a while.itreid to express my feelings in many ways. Talking, drawing, thinking, dreaming and writing. Blogging was the only thing that kept me interested in my toughest and I’m glad that i have the ability to share this. Sometimes, reality is the part of the garden that nobody really likes to visit, but you can’t just miss that section, you can create a small barrier to try and avoid it for a little while but in the end, you can’t close it off forever.

I’d like for this blog to be by my side through goods and bars and also entertainment. I’d really LOVE it if my readers would communicate with me, i’d really love it. 

Here is my Kik: punchdrunkstar – please talk to me whenever you are bored, want to talk to someone, complain, anything! i’d be more than thrilled to answer each and everybody!


Woah..that was deep.


Haha anyway, have a lovely day!


peace out



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