Some people are just not worth it.


We all have our own obstacles to face. Those are challenging, and some can just be walked over with no pain. But people can’t be walked over, but we try! Some people are just not worth it! you try your best to please them and stay on good terms with them but its just too much effort and its driving you insane and too much unneeded stress! Just let go of them. Why should you be miserable and try to make them happy when you’re getting exhausted by doing so? But if its your parents, that is another story. You feel happy making them pleased but other than family, friends play an important role in our lives. They actually do, no matter what you try to say to convince your brain otherwise thats all untrue! its hard to find an honest friend these days and ESPECIALLY a friend that would understand what you are dealing with and why you acted the way you did with him/her on that specific day and because of whatever reason, they still understand. 

^ Applications for a friend like that can be send through my kik! Thank you! — Haha, Kidding! 

Let go of your burdens and live freely!

I feel like my blog is all about different kinds of annoying people and how to deal with them and how to live happy hahaha

Anyway, i truly hope for your happiness in life~


Star shine out



Adults? Not so much.


They say once you graduate you step into the world of adulthood. You mature and become a role model to those younger than you. From my experience, most of who i witnessed graduating where taking their first step into their old young childish steps and causing problems for all those they love. I was always told by them to be wise and mature because I’m supposed to be an adult soon (in 2 years) and always stay positive and i thankfully am, but they surprised me when they turned negative and pushed everyone away. I can say that i have changed into a better person. I am trying to invite the bad people out of my life and become better without their help. I do not really care about gossip or about how people think of me but the so called “adults” care too much about these things. it just frustrates me so much!

I have this notebook called “In my humble opinion”. Basically, there is a quote on the left side of each page and on the right side there is a space for you to write your opinion on that quote. These quotes are about annoying people who live in our world and as many of my family members know, i complain about annoying people too much and i started to complain less after i started using this journal. it actually really helps! and lucky me i have both this journal and my blog to complain /wide smile/

Advice? Just worry about yourself and don’t be selfish and never assume the worst in any situation.


The Fault In Our Stars



Let’s just pause whatvever we are doing and talk about The Fault In Our Stars. If you didn’t cry your heart out in front of everyone in the cinema then I don’t consider you human. HOW CAN SOMEONE POSSIBLY CREATE A MOVIE THAT IS SO xinfinity TOUCHING?! It is not possible. But I thank you, Josh Boone for creating such a movie and a huge thank you to John Green and May your soul rest in peace, Esther Grace Earl and Augustus Waters, my love.


I read the book about two years ago, you do NOT want to know what happened to me in the midst of the book, (yes, Augustus’s death) till the week after reading the book but im going to tell you anyways because this is my blog and I get to write what I want (kidding! But seriously). I don’t think I read any word of the book clearly because of the Niagara falls I found running down my face. I grew so attached to Gus and Hazel Grace and was hoping I’d find my own Mr.Waters /broken heart/. I literally hid under my blanket for a whole week just crying and trying to get a cure for cancer and invent something. I won’t allow anyone to ever feel the pain that i felt and especially Hazel and all those that suffer from cancer and also other terrible diseases. I swear on my life that i will try to help each and every one of you. I will fight for you. I am going to be a very rich woman and donate all my money and also go myself to the hospitals and meet other doctors and i don’t know really become a doctor? This book has affected me in many ways and also motivated me to HELP. I am a very healthy person but have my ups and downs physically but i am doing well as a living human. So, i need to do something. 

John Green. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart for making me believe in myself to go help find a cure because I’m a miracle worker (Ha!). I’m going to TRY to find a way, i can’t prove that i can do it but still! i can at least try :D

One drunken man once told me (he never told me anything but i heard him and read): “Some infinities are bigger than other infinities”

Okay? Okay.


Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?


Last summer, i started this blog because i wanted to create my own bubble that i could dive in to whenever i needed to get away from my world. I had to discuss things. writing them out was the only way i could let go of something and move on. Every post has been inspired by something or whenever i felt like i needed to connect with other people around the world other than the people i know. This blog, was my side getaway. Over time, i started forgetting about it and the comfort i receive from it. I popped my bubble and never thought of blowing another one again. But for some reason, i came back. After a time without a getaway, i needed one.

So,  i decided to reopen the closed doors to my secret garden and take a stroll every once in a while.itreid to express my feelings in many ways. Talking, drawing, thinking, dreaming and writing. Blogging was the only thing that kept me interested in my toughest and I’m glad that i have the ability to share this. Sometimes, reality is the part of the garden that nobody really likes to visit, but you can’t just miss that section, you can create a small barrier to try and avoid it for a little while but in the end, you can’t close it off forever.

I’d like for this blog to be by my side through goods and bars and also entertainment. I’d really LOVE it if my readers would communicate with me, i’d really love it. 

Here is my Kik: punchdrunkstar – please talk to me whenever you are bored, want to talk to someone, complain, anything! i’d be more than thrilled to answer each and everybody!


Woah..that was deep.


Haha anyway, have a lovely day!


peace out




Lies is what you seek

Truth is what you dare to speak

Gone gone gone through the wind

You let your self be skinned

Skinned from your memories of trust

And replaced by memories of dust

You lost lost lost

Lost some things you should have kept close

Because of whispers that made you suppose

You think you got rid of a burden

But oh dear, you let go of a treasure

A mountain of advice and a decade of pleasure

And may I know what caused that?

Was It the lurking snake of wisdom?

Were you its desired victim?

That’s the case that can never be replaced

Once it hisses in your ear, there can be no escape

I end up with a lifetime of bliss

But you, with a century of hiss

The snake of betrayal got you wrapped around its finger

Because you chose to linger


“I’ve learned that things change, people change, and it doesn’t mean you forget the past or try to cover it up. It simply means that you move on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up.. It means accepting that somethings weren’t meant to be.”

Just thought of sharing this here. Truly, this is a really important life lesson that should be known by heart. Soon, the people around you will start changing and sometimes, the change they have gone through won’t appeal to you and you feel like they turned into a complete stranger. So, start accepting the change. Let go. If you have to forget, then forget. You, too, have to change someday. That’s when you have to move on. Moving on and into the future is what will really help you continue on with your life, even if the past has marked your heart with a deep scar that can’t be removed. Don’t let that scar define what you are. In the end, you’ll be satisfied with that change and that’s whats important. Happiness :)